DANOBAT VTC-2500 (used)


Updated: 27.09.2019 16:25:07

Year: 2011

Location: Bayern Germany

Machine state: used

Product Description


DANOBAT VTC 2500 is a multifunctional and high-precision machine of the highest standard. The main elements of the machine are made of a highly ribbed cast iron construction and offer maximum stability. The DANOBAT VTC 2500 thus absorbs heavy loads and damp vibrations during machining, even under heavy duty works. Normalized RAM, induction hardened and precision grinded. Main drive with 2-step gearbox, drive via reduction gearbox. Main drive and face plate bearings are supplied with sufficient lubrication via a pressure-regulated oil lubrication system. In order to keep the temperature stable and to minimize the heat build-up on the face plate, the VTL is equipped with an oil cooling unit. Highest positioning accuracy via C-axis as well as milling and boring operations with high cutting performance. Highest precision during the tool change with the help of a HIRTH face gear, which controls the positioning of the tool holders and milling heads on the RAM. Rotary tools can be used axially or radially. Maximum flexibility and stability in milling thanks to vertical and right-angled heads.


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Table Dia
2,100 mm
Work Ht-U/R
1,800 mm
105 kW
260 rpm
CNC (SINUMERIK 840 D solution line)

working area:
faceplate diameter 2.100 mm
max. turning diameter 2.500 mm
max. turning high 1.600 mm
max. high under RAM 1.800 mm
travel crossbar 800 mm 4 x 200 mm
travel RAM (Z-axis) 1.500 mm
travel X-axis 2.870 mm each 1.435 mm left and right from rotating center
power on 100% ED 105 kW
max.speed 260 min-1 2 gear steps
max. workpiece weight 20.000 Kg
max. torque 39.785 Nm
T-slot H 12, star shape 28 mm
spindle bore 160 mm
C - axis:
max. torque 51.500 Nm
max. speed on milling 3 min-1

RAM with driven milling spindle:
RAM measurement 250 x 250 mm
travel RAM (Z-axis) 1.500 mm
power milling drive 100 % ED 30 kW 2-gear steps
max. speed milling drive 3.000 min-1
max. torque milling drive 1.200 Nm

vertical milling head:
tool taper SK 50
Length vertical milling head 350 mm
Max. spindle power 30 kW
Max. spindle speed 3.000 min-1
coolant supply internal and external

48-fold tool changer
Two disk magazine, mounted on the left and right side of the faceplate
Right side, 18 positions: Space for 2 pc. Turning tool head (equipped with one turning tool head), 2 pc. Milling head (equipped with one milling head), 7 pc. Turning tool holders horizontal with Capto C8, 7 pc. Turning tool holder vertical with Capto C8
Left side, 30 positions: Space for 8 pc. Turning tool holder horizontal with Capto C8, 8 pc. Turning tool holder vertical with Capto C8, 14 pc. SK 50 tool holder for milling and boring tools

SIEMENS, SINUMERIK 840 D solution line
PCU 50.3, NCU 572.5, 12,1“ TFT monitor
faceplate Ø 2.100 mm, power105 kW
alle drives in digital servo technology Fabr. SIEMENS
CNC control SINUMERIK 840D sl
coolant equipment with paper band filter
2 piece tool magazine left and right
Chip conveyor longitudinal
C-axis incl. driven tools
adjustable crossbar – 800 mm
enclosure open at top with automatic doors
1 piece faceplate Ø 2.100 mm
1 piece aditional face plate Ø 2.500 mm
div. tool taper + div. driven tool tapers
Ca. working hours: control ON 15.300 h, machine ON 12.800 h, program run 6.100 h